Tim Salau

Global Brand Evangelist- Mr. Future of Work

Tim is the CEO and Co-founder of Guide, a social  e-learning platform enabling high school students to learn essential life  skills from their favourite content creators, an accomplished international  keynote speaker, and Global Evangelist with WeWork leading and amplifying  WeWork's vision for the Future of Work. He founded “Mentors & Mentees, a  Guide community”, a global community of 10,000 professionals and students  using career mentorship to take control of their careers and thrive in the  Future of Work.


He's been recognized by the Wall Street Journal, Forbes,  SXSW, Opportunity Hub, LinkedIn, the Young President’s Organization, Google,  The Millennial Mogul and other major media platforms for his work as a global  community leader, tech influencer, and thought leader on the Future of Work,  the Future of Education, and emerging technology. He’s impacted millions of  students and professionals through his platform of over 100,000 followers  across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to take control of their careers and  pursue purpose over paychecks to thrive in the Future of Work!