Tariq Hilal Al-Barwani

Tech Enthusiast

Tariq Al-Barwani is a multi-award-winninginnovative technologist and social entrepreneur who has created projects in theform of computer programs, events, training, community initiatives and media(TV & Radio) that have impacted tens of thousands of people in the country(Oman). He has also partnered with the public and government institutions thatlaunched TV, Radio and unique events for the mass public. He has also foundedthe largest community knowledge sharing platform, Knowledge Oman, which istoday managed by a group of both the local and expatriate residents living inthe country who work together solely to fill the knowledge gap within thecountry. Tariq has been awarded Most Valuable Professional by the largestsoftware company in the world, Microsoft, for 10 years consecutively and istoward part of the Microsoft reconnect program. He has also been named the TechPerson of the Year at the Oman Tech Award 2016.