Lujaina Al Kharusi

CEO of Envago

Lujaina AlKharusi is the Chief Executive Officer of Envago, a social and e-commerce platform for adventure travel.   A native of Oman, Lujaina’s business acumen and passion for entrepreneurship started at the young age of 13 when she helped her family run their business.  Lujaina seized the opportunity and developed an eye on how to watch out for customer trends. With such skills, she is more equipped than ever on finding opportunities and bridging the gap in a very competitive market.


Prior to Envago, Lujaina founded two companies in retail operation and services called Mennez and Nine.  Before launching her own companies, Lujaina spent 13 years in business development among Oman’s biggest telecom companies TRA Oman,Ooredoo and Awasr.

In her spare time, Lujaina is committed to helping the youth.  She just recently launched her website to mentor young entrepreneurs on how to develop their business today