Majid Al Amri

Founder, Thawani Technologies

From  his  early  years  Majid  Al  Amri  was  inspired  by  the  limitless  possibilities  offered  by computers,  innovative  software  platforms  and  emerging  technologies.  Guided  by  his  spirit  of innovation, Majid enrolled with Sultan Qaboos University and graduated as a Computer Engineer in 2003. He has since been using technology to augment and improve every facet of his daily life, be it personal or in the workplace. From the very beginning of his career, Majid quickly earned a reputation as  the “go-to” person for tech advice, and how to best implement  new systems and solutions.

An individual of deep experience gained in roles across numerous sectors, Majid Al Amri has been involved  in  the  start-up  and  establishment  of  few  businesses  in  the  past  prior  to  setting  up Thawani as the first Omani Mobile Payment Platform in Oman and one of the few in the region and taking up his position as Chief Executive Officer at the company.

Citing his personal motto; “Challenges are the real opportunities”, Majid has continued to push his  limits  at  every  opportunity.  He  participates  as  a  voluntary  adviser  and  mentor  for  SMEs  at Zubair SEC; supporting aspiring entrepreneurs in areas of business modelling, feasibility studies, opportunity  identification,  problem  solving  and  financial  projections.  Furthermore,  Majid  has participated  as  a  keynote  speaker  at  several  events  touching  on  subjects  such  as  business challenges, attracting investors, overcoming challenges and working with regulatory authorities.