Would you trust Artificial intelligence to look after your health?

July 26, 2019

6 ways artificial intelligence is transforming healthcare.

1.   Detecting skin care- In one trial, AI caught 95% of dangerous melanomas, but doctors just got 87%.

2.   Helping COMA victims- AI predicted when a trauma victim would wake up, getting nearly 90% of cases correct.

3.   Analysing eye scans- AI can diagnose as accurately as world leading experts and can even explain its decisions.

4.   Drug development- Big data and machine learning can devise and trial new drugs much faster.

5.   Recognising depression- By analysing a person’s speech AI can predict if they are depressed.

6.   Robot doctors- A robot doctor scored better than 96% of the class in a Chinese medical exam.

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AI has already taken into the health sector and many other verticals of the health sector. With the growing of AI in this sector there is only one question that arises, would you trust Artificial intelligence to look after your health?

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Written by Zamask

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