What is Ecommerce?

July 26, 2019

Words like ecommerce are often thrown around in all sorts of places but to probably understand them we must go back to 1957, the birth of the internet and framework for the digitization of our society although at that point the internet was very much restricted to military and government uses. When we fast forward to 32 years from 1957, 1989 the year that affected us the most, the year internet went public, , the birth of the internet. Increasingly, the internet has been seen to govern our lives and almost every aspect of life has been computerised from doing research for a college paper, socializing with friends, and gaming or just as a means of a time sink. It's no surprise that buying and selling have also taken to the internet which is exactly what ecommerce is. Today ecommerce or electronic commerce can be defined as any sort of transaction made on the internet. So if you've bought something whether physical or electronic on the internet then you've engaged in e commerce.

This can include:

• Buying directly or buying through affiliates or agents if you've sold something online again whether physical or electronic you've also engaged in e commerce. This can include:

• Selling on your website

• Selling through social networking sites

• Selling through an auction site

E commerce can be between a business and customers also known as B2C, B2C is what most likely everybody has been involved in. Ecommerce can be between businesses and other businesses for instance, one company buying hardware components from another and it can also be between customers P2P that is, people buying and selling on an auction website. Ecommerce provides a simple platform to do business with countries other than your own, long gone are the days where business was confined to your city, and where your audience is confined to your city.

Ecommerce is huge and it’s growing.

The word “E-commerce” couldn’t have been put into simpler words. For many more such interesting reads follow our blogs. E-commerce is huge and it’s growing.

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Written by Zamask

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