July 26, 2019

If long term certainty was ever guaranteed that time is over. Today’s leading businesses face a disruption that cannot be ignored if they are to exceed expectations and navigate through the fog of uncertainty. Proactive and insightful, the most effective finance organisations of the future will be capable of driving the business forward and holding them accountable to business results all at a fraction of the cost of today’s finance organisations.

Finance in a digital world utilizes disruptive technology innovation, data and talent by using a new digital toolkit. The world of digital finance will be guided by a new breed of professionals that identify trends proactively and are equipped to rapidly address issues as they are identified and communicate the results of those efforts in a way that builds confidence in business leaders and shareholders by bringing actionable insights to the forefront on financial and transactional data. This is possible through predictive analytics layered on top of the data model. Transaction data is quickly stored virtually in the cloud and served up in near real time via in-memory computing by using robotic process automation, blockchain and machine learning to do transaction processing, efficiency improves, control improves, accuracy improves, reducing cost to serve and increasing margins helping finance run like the best production factory.

To thrive in this disruptive world of uncertainty finance organizations must leverage a new digital toolkit which can elevate the business to new heights, exceeding the expectations and improving the bottom line: finance in a digital world, lifting the fog of uncertainty.

Cognitive computing tools help identify what’s driving company’s performance and potential improvement scenarios and then model the financial impact these decisions could have on the business leading to optimize decision making and more efficient operations that support top line growth.

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Written by Zamask

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