31-Year-Old Built A Billion-Dollar Business By Developing AI-Powered Facial Recognition Tech.

July 26, 2019

An unblinking video camera greets visitors. Technology’s futuristic headquarters in Beijing, scanning their faces. Within seconds, employees are identified and their credentials splashed on a nearby screen. In a showroom nearby, another screen streams footage from the building’s elevators and surrounding streets. The software immediately identifies passers-by with blue tags that label them by gender, their vehicle and even the colour and style of their clothes.

Among the sectors the software is targeting are logistics, smartphones and smart cities. Each one of them represents an opportunity worth tens of billions of dollars. They aim at investing $296 million to develop technologies for the global logistics industry such as AI-powered robots, connected sensors and operating systems.

Before the world gets a hang of artificial intelligence it will be the next big thing. Artificial intelligence will drive in big money for the world’s economy. AI-powered machines and gadgets make work so much easier by making it Omnichannel.

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Written by Zamask

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