Conference Evaluation Form


1.   Was the conference well  organized?
2.   Did you understand the world standards?


3.   Were the speakers well prepared?
4.   Did the speakers disseminate the information properly?

Personalized Agenda and meetings

5.    Were the meetings arranged satisfactorily?
6.    Did the solution provider give the solutions you were        seeking?
7.    Did the meetings give you the desired results?
8.    Overall was the conference worthwhile?
9.    Did you gain insights on eCommerce and Digital              Transformation?
10.  Have you been able to make International connections        through OEC 2019?
11.  How likely are you to recommend OEC 2019 to your peers next        year?
12.  Would you attend the next edition of OEC 2019?

Tell us whom you want to meet or network(at your convenience) or liked their product or solutions?

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