The most innovative Ecommerce, Logistics, Payments, Fintech and Tech Conference in the middle east unraveling the future of the ecommerce ecosystem


SEPTEMBER 16th - 17th 2019

Attend the conference to figure out how AI will power future businesses and make a change in yours with case studies on artificial intelligence and machine learning


SEPTEMBER 16th - 17th 2019

Take away insights from how a garage startup can turn into a billion dollar conglomerate using eCommerce as its central business strategy at the oman eCommerce conference


SEPTEMBER 16th - 17th 2019

Learn how to make your eCommerce business delivery faster and efficient with the logistics times affecting your customer satisfaction as logistics has become central to ecommerce growth.


SEPTEMBER 16th - 17th 2019

Explore the upcoming fintech world and why investors see such an Investment in lending platforms - with ecommerce enabling Payments to be collected at the click of a button - this industry is revolutionize itself.


SEPTEMBER 16th - 17th 2019

OEC 2019
Largest eCommerce & Technology Conference





A Tech Conference Accelerating



The Oman E-Commerce Conference - OEC 2019, hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry from the Sultanate of Oman, The Most innovative eCommerce and digital trends conference in the Middle East with one focus “Everything Online”.

From being the garage start-ups to the journey of billion dollar corporates – OEC will unravel the story behind the transition and true growth of E-commerce in the world. Attendees will learn what is disrupting the future industries today and what will change for them tomorrow. To face the inevitable- The focus will be on how to harness and realize the untapped potential to utilize e-commerce as a key pillar of business strategy.

The conference will bring together companies from a diverse set of industries including the E-commerce giants, Logistics, Business houses, leading banks, e-payment networks, telecom operators with payment solutions and partners. The Conference will Host the Future centric Ministries across the MENA region, Biggest Retailers in the world, World Class Speakers, Educative Workshops by the who’s who of E-commerce, Exhibitors of the latest tech and the most innovative solutions in the ecommerce space – If you ever wondered of taking your business online- OEC 2019 is for you.

With 10+ governments, 600+ decision making business executives, 50+ WORLD CLASS speakers , 50+ exhibitors, 20+ workshops , and around 10000+ retail representatives - it is the biggest digital disruptive platform in the MIDDLE EAST.

OEC 2019 is the largest digital event in the Middle East with the main focus on taking “Everything Online”. OEC 2019 is hosting a wide range of international experts and decision makers. The focus is on Digital Transformation and how to harness technology for cloud, AI, ML, Big Data etc.. for better, while also focusing on how to harness and identify the untapped potential to utilising e-commerce as a key pillar of business strategy. The Conference will host companies from a diverse set of industries including the commerce majors, Logistics, Business houses, markets leading banks, e-payment networks, telecom operators with payment solutions and partners. 

The Most innovative eCommerce and Digital Transformation Summit in the Middle East

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Owing to the global digital change - companies like amazon, souq, flipkart have shown that ecommerce is the future of commerce and retail. We see the Middle east countries especially The sultanate of oman , the uae , saudi arabia neighbouring MENA countries - have a high spending potential owing to a high per capita income improved transport logistics networks, increased internet penetration, higher number of smartphone users anda emerging tech-savvy youth population. The Middle East market is an attractive and ideal destination for eCommerce investments owing to a very few eCommerce players in the market. Furthermore the market barriers easing with improved infrastructure, ease of doing business, foreign ownership is SEZs and better warehousing facilities and high investment potential, the region’s e-commerce market looks determined for strong growth.

OEC 2019 will provide opportunities to discuss challenges in real time while revealing deep analytical insights of customer lifetime value,customer acquisitions, customer life cycle, loyalty and the entire customer lifecycle in ecommerce. The governments are involving national objectives and regulatory frameworks enhancing transparency,reliability and consistency by networking and connecting the entire business community from a business to business to government view. The conference also provides opportunities for the local and international services providers and investors who actively seek investment opportunities to engage in the digital E-Commerce ecosystem.

By Attending you are sure to leave with a heightened sense of how ecommerce can change your business and with a complete understanding of the ecommerce nuances and with the right networking you could be looking at a million dollar opportunity.
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With the ecommerce market looking to generate billions in revenue it is become essential to supplement this growth with solutions exploring this space. With great growth comes great demand for these solutions as e commerce is continuously fueled by the digital revolution.

Companies Like yours who have diverse portfolios need to invest in these conferences to push your b2b brand presence and drive sales. As we all know that we often judge a book by its cover- introductions and first impressions have found their prevalence in the conference.

Showcase Your company's capabilities and see wonders how you could empower the future of ecommerce.
- The perfect gateway to the middle east. Penetrate the market with the best introduction you could ever give your brand.
- Showcase your solutions to entrepreneurs , 600+ c suite executives and 10000+ retail representatives.
- Speak network and understand with the attending governments
- Set up ultra effective meetings with CEO’s governments entrepreneurs and more.
- Launch your new products and ventures
- To create and highlight your leadership position in the Middle East
- Meet the key decision makers and entities including government heads who are looking at sourcing solutions for enhancing the digital economy  
- To meet,ideal partners and do business with the greatest retailers, ecommerce companies and payments companies across Middle East
- Be at the forefront of exciting changes in the rapidly evolving eCommerce market and Fintech
- Launch New products and initiatives with the relevant audience and prospects
- To Generate new leads
- Develop long lasting relationships that will favour you in the years of the future.- To Establish right partnerships and collaboration
- To create a strong image and brand recall in the minds of who matter.

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Stellar Speakers

Hear from inspiring speakers, celebrities and entrepreneurs as they share their expertise on how to succeed in online platforms

Solutions Showcase

Experience the latest technology and innovative services to create seamless CX, increase sales and deliver efficiently across your online and in-store operations

Innovation Showcase

Meet the most innovative start-ups disrupting retail,logistics and online business transactions.

Expert Advice

Gain insights from the experts with one-on-one meets and understand how to seriously maximize your impact online and increase your profits

Spin Networking

Network with over 1,000 professionals from across Middle East, Asia, Europe and the World. Meet the biggest industry names.

Peer learning

Hear how your peers are succeeding and draw inspiration from their digital strategies.


Understand from the digital trends experts regarding the positioning, branding of your company with focused hands-on workshops

OEC Change Highlights

Main Stage

Watch our speakers unravel the future of eTail, eCommerce, Payments, AI logistics and Fintech While they discuss real-world problems and how your future could be influenced by their solutions. Our plethora of speakers consist of Global Entrepreneurs, leading ecommerce companies, ministers and fintech experts.

Master Class

Experts From all around the world flock to the middle east to host sessions of fastaced knowledge. Covering topics ranging from how to start an ecommerce store, cryptocurrency, omnichannel retail, supply chain in logistics to complex subjects like artificial intelligence, blockchain, Customized marketing and so much more.


Inspiration Is the key to success. Learn how entrepreneurs did to create their billion-dollar companies. Learn as they speak about their success and failures and experiments on the road.
Find the true source of their inspiration and how they stayed focused on the end goal.

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BinDawood Group

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